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VRL-1 ultimate kit



  • Universal Rapid Scope Mount
    $13.99 Universal Rapid Scope Mount
    The Rapid Style Scope Mount will allow you to add a light to your favorite weapon very rapidly. Will work with all lights with a body diameter of 1" up to 45mm. With this mount you can also swap a light from one weapon to...
  • VRL-1 / Warthog Pressure Switch
    $16.50 VRL-1 / Warthog Pressure Switch
    This tailcap will screw into the back of your VRL-1 / Warthog Light and have a wire coming out with a pressure switch with Velcro for remote mounting and turning on your light on your firearm...
  • VRL-1 ultimate kit
    $124.99 VRL-1 ultimate kit
    VarmintLights.com VRL-1 Predator Hunting light is a bright and focused premium LED flashlight specially designed for hog hunting & varmint hunting. Hog's eyes are not sensitive to green lights but human eyes are. So...