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VRL-X Bow Mounted Lights



  •  (2) 18650 Lithium Ion 2600 mah Rechargeable Batteries
    $19.50 (2) 18650 Lithium Ion 2600 mah Rechargeable Batteries
    Replacement Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery for VRL-1. (Beware of exaggerated claims of 3000 MAH 18650 batteries performance... This battery doesen't exist!!!) These batteries can be used over and over again, being...
  • Universal Rapid Scope Mount
    $13.99 Universal Rapid Scope Mount
    The Rapid Style Scope Mount will allow you to add a light to your favorite weapon very rapidly. Will work with all lights with a body diameter of 1" up to 45mm. With this mount you can also swap a light from one weapon to...
  • VarmintLights.com Sticker (outdoor use)
  • VRL-1 Charger Combo
    $42.49 VRL-1 Charger Combo
    VarmintLights.com VRL-1 (CHC) kit comes with (2) 18650 Batteries with a 10 year shelf life and circut protection. If you do some looking around on the web you will see claims of all the way up to 5000mah don't be fooled the...
  • VRL-X bow mount replacment QD Pressure remote switch
    $16.50 VRL-X bow mount replacment QD Pressure remote switch
    Pressure switch remote to be used with QD system on VRL-X only
  • VRL-X Bowlight hunting package
    $119.99 VRL-X Bowlight hunting package
    If you are always hunting for the best of the best then look no further!!! This is the most powerful and deadliest bow mounted stabilizer light on the market! Comes standard with super high power green LED that will shine...
  • VRL-X Light
    $39.25 VRL-X Light
    No gimmicks or colored LED's that don't work or even help you see blood. The VRL-X light has 3 modes a (low, medium & high) for finding blood and staying on the trail. It produces a perfectly balanced, smooth and very...